Bellingham’s Dr David Schneider Has Local Community At Heart Of His Dental Practice

David Schneider DDS

Choosing the right dentist is as important as picking the right family doctor. You need a professional who’ll give you thorough exams, honest evaluations, pain-free procedures and affordable options. As the American Dental Association states, a healthy mouth means a healthy body so there’s no reason not to invest considerable time into finding the right dentist for your unqiue needs. Residents of Washington in or near Whatcom County should thus turn to Bayview Dental and Bellingham’s Dr David Schneider for their next dentist visit. That’s because he has purposely designed a practice with state-of-the-art technology that’s family-friendly, as well.

Why Bayview Dental and Dr David Schneider, of Bellingham? That’s a good question and those who have trusted this office for prior work will attest to the top-tier services they received. It starts with a warm and welcoming environment where comfort always comes first. The staff of Dr. David Schneider’s Bellingham office are both experts when it comes to work tasks and similarly provide caring and gentle services. The Bayview office also offers a wide array of services that can resolve all of your dental needs – from general dentistry such as fillings to cosmetic work and specialty tasks like sleep apnea devices.

How can Bellingham’s Dr David Schneider offer so many services? It starts with the education that this Minnesota native achieved. As a graudate of Concordia College, in Moorhead, MN, and the University of Minnesota Dental School, with honors, Dr. Schneider holds a degree from one of the premier educational institutions in the region. He would then take his dental skills to Minnesota and New Mexico before moving to Bellingham in 2004. Dr. Schneider states that he decided to relocate based off a personal desire. His goal was to always open a dental practice in a beautiful community where his specialized individual comprehensive  care would be the focus of his office. For more than a decade now, that’s exactly what he has been able to offer those who’ve trusted Bayview Dental and Dr David Schneider of Bellingham.

Outside of dentistry, Dr. Schneider enjoys spending much of his time outdoors no matter what the season or weather. During the summer, he’ll spend much of his time camping, biking or hiking through the beautiful Northwestern region of the country. Come winter, he switiches gears to skiing. Given these interests, it’s easy to see why Dr. David Schneider is also actively involved in trail maintenance in and around Bellingham. Other community-benfit projects he has undertaken includes solving local hunger issues and donating his goods and services to non-profit and other community groups.